The Spyder III Direct-to-Screen System (DTS) prints double the resolution of its predecessor, the Spyder II computer-to-screen imaging system. This DTS printer allows for sharper detail, finer haltones and smoother gradients. The new and improved Spyder III has faster print speeds and its industrial printhead, ⅓ the size of previous models, and has over three times the number of jets to increase throughput and overall quality. The Spyder III prints smaller font sizes, better reverses, and more detailed vector and bitmap graphics.

Since the Spyder III digitally applies the specified artwork directly onto a coated screen, it allows for additional screen-room production. This results in cost reductions, improves the quality of each print, reduces labor hours, accelerates job turnaround times and eliminates the potential for human error. The phase-change wax ink technology of the Spyder III is a solid block and water dispersible, which aids in being mess free while also providing an easy washout with zero residue. Unlike with a film exposure, this wax’s high-density nature provides for more detail to be retained.

The Spyder III supports standard frames of up to 30” x 40” and is built with easy to use touch-screen controls. Additionally, the Spyder III comes standard with a fast and reliable RIP software allowing full user control over halftone dot shape, angle, as well as frequency. When paired with the registration system on the printing press, multi-colored jobs lock into place with little to no micro-registration.

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Model Spyder III Direct-to-Screen system
Technology Phase-change inkjet / Solid ink
Resolution 1200 dpi
Halftone Capability  85 lpi @ 1200 dpi
Imaging Speed  Approximately 1.7 sq ft/min @ 1200 dpi / Approximately 2.1 sq ft/min @ 900 dpi
Accuracy .001” from screen to screen
Power Requirements 120v/220v 50-60 HZ 15 amp
Compressed Air Required
Network Ethernet
Operating Temperature 50oF to 86oF / 10oC to 30oC
Operating Humidity 35% to 75% non-condensing
Ink Type Solid block / Water dispersible photo resist mask


Max Media Size 30 in x 40 in (76 cm x 101 cm) 54 in x 46 in (137 cm x 116 cm)
Max Image Size Max Image Size 50 in x 40 in (127 cm x 102 cm)
Dimensions 32 in x 49 in x 61 in
(79 cm x 124 cm x 155 cm)
32 in x 80 in x 61 in
(79 cm x 203 cm x 155 cm)
Weight 505 lbs (229 kg) 555 lbs (251 kg)


RIP Type RTI Harlequin RIP
Platform Mac and PC available
Screening AM and FM (stochastic) screening available
Input File Formats Postscript III, PDF, EPS, TIFF
RIP Options Auto Trapping, Color Management / Proofing, Hybrid Screening


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