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A professional t-shirt and apparel printing business needs a workhorse that can turn out breathtaking output at a fast pace for just pennies per page, and can fit comfortably into an already pre-existing workflow. For a creative printing professional that needs options outside the color model, the OKI proColor 920WT white toner printer offers no limits. Using a combination of cyan, magenta, and yellow toners to compose black and all other colors, and a unique white toner, the OKI pro920WT is perfect for printing custom t-shirt transfers with NO excess polymer or background, or even creative printing onto specialty or colored/dark-colored cardstocks and other media.

Plus, because it is a toner laser printer, and not inkjet, there is no concern for “clogged printheads” and the required maintenance normally associated with printing white is non-existant! In fact, OKI offers an industry-leading 5 year warranty on the LED printhead technology in the pro920WT and C711WT printers. Laser printed images
are also more resistant to moisture, making the pro920WT printer a perfect sticker, decal, or window cling printer as well! With its exceptional media handling system, the OKI proColor pro920WT can print even your most creative, colorful of dreams.

The new OKI proColor 920WT digital color printer is the perfect solution for your on-demand printing needs, and with the addition of white toner, allows for lower-cost textile transfer media for direct imaging to fabric applications. It’s also perfect for lower-cost signage and films that require white.

Can print from 12” 18” to 12.9”x 74”
MSRP: $7,495


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