Hix Swingman 25




SwingMan 25P (Swing Away Presses)

The 20″x25″ (swingaway) SwingMan 25P single is designed for pressing larger tile murals, 3XL-4XL shirts, signage, reflective stripping and much more!

Apply an astounding 1200 lbs of downward force and transfer images in excess of 19″x24″ in one pressing. The Swingman 25P features a 20″x25″ (surface area) heat platen with a swing-away design and the standard lifetime warranty on its

heating element. Similar to the Swingman 20D; features include digital timer reading in both minutes and seconds. Digital temperature settings with range up to 450°F and full range repeatable pressure adjustments for items up to 1-3/4″ thick. The press has a sleek design and over-center lever providing easy lock down.

No longer are you limited to 16″x20″ images or multiple pressings on oversized garments, press a full 23 inches, perfect for applying reflective stripping or names to 3XL and 4XL shirts in one pressing.

Press a complete 18″x24″ ceramic tile mural in one pressing saving you time and money. Uneven pressure is eliminated with the self-leveling design of the lower platens.

The increased size of the platen now opens up more opportunities for cut and sew manufacturers, signage and sublimation applications that cover a multitude
of substrates. Not only can you press larger items but the increased size also
allows you to press multiple smaller items in one press perfect for increased production! Price:$2565.00


Download informational PDF: Hix Swingman 25P


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