Go Rio Pro 42″ Printer


  • 42-inch inkjet printer for dye sublimation markets
  • New incorporated Intelligent Interweaving ( I2 ) “wave”printing technology
  • New stand–extra 10” inches in height for added support and sturdiness
  • High output speed–up to 400 sq feet per hour in high speed mode
  • Incorporates new generation “wide model” piezo printhead
  • Four color drop-on-demand variable dot single printhead with smallest dropsize of 3.5 picoliters
  • 360, 720, 1440 and 2880 dpi resolutions
  • GO Xtreme dye sub ink and GO RIO dye sub transfer paper offers very competive pricing
  • New Optional Media Handling take-up system for superior media tracking and unattended printing

Digital transfer printing and the dye-sublimation market has entered a new dimension with GO’s RIO PRO printer. The emergence
of new and GO’s improved dye sub technology has indeed created a new market positioning for dye sub printers which
has many business opportunities. The good news is that you don’t have to let these opportunities pass. Today, Graphics One
(GO) can address short-run decorating needs and expand your product range without retooling your production floor or spending
lots of money. All you need is GO RIO PRO digital transfer dye-sublimation printer.

Ideal Applications
Digital transfer printing is growing as the need for on-demand, quick turnaround imaging emerges. Customers who are seeking
one-off imaging can now request one or multiple prints without having to go through or pay for traditional screens and
imaging setup associated with traditional screen print process. It is a fast and easy transfer onto all possible polyester materials
such as banners, flags, pennants, prototypes, sports goods (snowboards, helmets), gadgets (mugs, mouse pads, clocks),
apparel (blouses, rain jackets, t-shirts, sportswear), personalized interior (curtains, sheets), polyester coated ceramics and
tile murals, tradeshow and exhibition graphics (carpets, customized banners, booth decoration), floor graphics, POP-displays,
posters and much more.

Introducing GO RIO PRO Printer
GO’s RIO PRO printer is so easy to use you can be printing in minutes. With a maximum printing width of up to 42 inches and
a maximum resolution of 2880 dpi, RIO PRO Printer offers high resolution transfer printing with print speeds up to 400 ft2/hr.
Now, with the new Intelligent Interweaving ( I2 ) wave printing technology, you now have increased print speed that virtually
eliminates banding for exceptional image quality. Combine the high resolution imaging with GO’s Xtreme dye sub inks, and
you will be able to print on most garments with new designs and images you thought were not possible. Available as an
option with the RIO PRO is the new motorized take-up system for unattended printing and Wasatch SoftRIP for RIO, the market’s
leading industrial SoftRIP.

Xtreme Dye Sub Ink
A world class dye sublimation ink that features Xtreme Color, Xtreme Eco, Xtreme Dots. This means high color gamut with a
capacity for producing True Blacks and outstanding dot gain control for a detailed dye sub color imaging. In addition, GO
Xtreme is APEO-free and meets the Oeko-tex standards for a true environmentally friendly inks for the best price performance
in the industry. Whether you are printing high quality transfer dye sublimation or printing high speed imaging, you will
be Xtremely happy with the results.

Wasatch SoftRIP for RIO
GO’s RIO PRO is powered by a specifically designed SoftRIP by Wasatch. Wasatch SoftRIP for RIO processes complex images
of any kind and provide quality processing not available from other providers. With fast and easy printing workflows,
Wasatch SoftRIP can add up to 3 simultaneous printing capability without additional software. Wasatch SoftRIP is the industry
leading solution for inkjet dye sublimation and is available as an option with the RIO PRO Printer.


Download the PDF: Go Rio Pro Info Sheet


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