Direct to Garment (DTG)


Take a look at the full line of FreeJet Direct To Garment Printers. FreeJet printers are one of the most advanced Direct to Garment printers in the industry.


The Freejet prints usingCYMK plus white  inks for printing on all colored shirts.

2 thoughts on “Direct to Garment (DTG)

  1. I will soon open a printing shop in San Antonio, TX and I am including Direct T-Shirt printing on my product line, I would like to receive pricing information on the FreeJet printer as well as pretreaters, heat presses, ink prices, etc.

    I would also appreciate if you can give me an estimated cost of ink in relation to sq. inch or a particular size print for white ink and for color inks.

    Thank you

  2. Edward,
    Please let me call you regarding the DTG printer and other items you requested. There are several options available to you. By talking on the phone we can then determine what works best production and investment wise.
    Your number please.
    Neil Caplin

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