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Liberator GMax (Exile Technologies) | PKA Associates, Inc.

Liberator GMax (Exile Technologies)



Thermoimpression System
Film Up to 54 Inches Wide – Affordable Prepress Solutions for Screen Printing, Flexography, Name Plate and Newspaper The affordable new Liberator GMAX Large-Format Thermal Imagesetters enable you to produce film separations right in your own shop—without a darkroom, without a processor and without chemicals.

OYO Instruments’ thermal imagesetter technology offers clear, compact, environmentally friendly solutions to artwork production, enabling you to eliminate outsourcing of large-format films and bring production control in-house. OYO’s unique, chemistry-free, dry-imaging ThermoImpression® film requires absolutely no fixers, developers, inks or toners while providing UV densities that exceed industry standards.

The Liberator GMAX Series is built using OYO’s latest innovative and proprietary technologies. Closed Loop Registration (CLR) control gives you accurate registration overlay and Multi-Level Pulsing (MLP) delivers consistent dot quality. OYO’s Liberator GMAX ThermoImpression Systems help you meet bigger demands more efficiently, while producing full-size film up to 54 inches wide.

Liberator GMAX ThermoImpression Systems include a Harlequin ScriptWorks® RIP Management System. This forward thinking, trouble-free, fully featured RIP is PostScript® compatible and is fully compliant with PostScript LanguageLevel 3 specifications, the latest version of the PostScript page description language (PDL). Each system configuration also includes Harlequin’s own patented FM screening technique, Harlequin Dispersed Screening™ Lite (HDS Lite). The bottom line: accurate registration, high performance and affordable price.


A Quick Look

  • 18.25, 28.5, 36, 42 and 54” media widths
  • 600 x 600 and 600 x 1200 dpi resolution
  • Imaging of up to 7.2 inches per minute
  • Closed Loop Registration (CLR) control
  • Multi-Level Pulsing (MLP)
  • Harlequin® RIP, including HDSTM Lite
  • Chemistry, darkroom and processor-free
  • Requires NO inks, toners, cameras or disposal costs
  • Automatic media cutter
  • In-house production control
  • Simple, hands-off operation
  • Low maintenance

Download the PDF: Exile_Gmax_Product_Sheet



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